A Staircase 1880's style

 Wow!, Whew! Oh My! Really?! and any other descriptive word you can think of that might describe how one feels after a move. Yep, that would describe me and my family at this moment in time. But nevertheless, we are EXCITED to be in our new/old home! The projects have already begun, those that were planned and others that we had no idea about. That post will be coming soon. :/

Anyway, so many have been asking to see pictures and I've not complied simply because there wasn't anything to show except a home full of boxes, literally, not kidding, honest Engine. Now that most of the boxes have been emptied and stuff has found a new place (well at least for now) I've started to snap some pics here and there to show all you inquisitive types. :) Trust me, I'm one of those types too. Suspense just kills me. HA!

Here is the staircase of the home. The main portion of the house was built in 1847 and then a second addition was added in 1880. The staircase was part of the second addition. As you can see it was all about detail back in the day. Be-ut-i-full! dontcha think?

 View from the front door.
Looking up. Love the turn in the railing. How did they do that?
View from the side.