I ♥ Running

 My passion for running started almost 12 years ago in an effort to lose some 50lbs of sweet baby fat I still had hanging around after my last child was born. I'll post some before and after pics. It was never my intention to be a runner, but as my dedication in making a healthy life style change continued, it sort of took off from there. Walking, eating right, and lifting a few pounds twice a week I was, at the time, giving it my all. But as the weight came off and I felt a renewed sense of energy, the walking was no longer a challenge and I thought picking up the pace would better serve my weight loss efforts. I've been running religiously ever since. :)

If you haven't heard, or don't know, running like anything else can become an addiction. Now I'm not saying I'm addicted to running, but I think it's fair to say I am addicted to feeling physically healthy and strong. I have a shirt that says, "Strong is the new Beautiful." it.

This is Gracie Mae, my running partner. 

I think we should have named her Gem because, to me, she is beeeeeautiful. :) But my sister thought it more appropriate to giver her the name Grace because she isn't that pretty. But, no matter, her personality and girlie style make up for all those less fortunate characteristics. I think she likes running just as much as I do because she is never late and always keeps up, and not a single complaint has ever crosses her lips. Love, love, love her!

 Gracie is added to the Pet Love Linky Party over at Scatter Girls

 Yes, I do run in skirts and LOVE them.
I transitioned into them in an effort to hide all those, eh hem, not so attractive, gravity inflicted areas of my body that will never warrant public attention no matter how hard or long I run. Besides, who ever said skirts are only worn by tennis players hasn't watch a marathon lately.


This is Nicole DeBoom, age 39. She won the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin race wearing a home-sewn skirt prototype. She is also the founder of the running apparel Skirt Sports. You can read about her skirt journey here. Yep, Nicole is definitely rockin' the skirt across that finish line. WooHoo!