The Beautifully, Ugly Door. Help!

I know the title is sort of an oxymoron, but let me explain. This door is beautifully hung in the front of a house that was built in 1847. I'm thinking the door isn't as old as the house, but pretty old nevertheless because of the design. I get so sad every time I look at it because it truly has awesome character, but what is with the colors? The colors scream HELP! I'm a beautiful door trapped behind ugly colors. Don't worry little door, rescue is on the way.  Please, please, please help me help this door transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Any ideas for color(s)? Also consider the sides of the door and upper part of the frame. They're all in need of rescue. Thanks! Oh, and the stuff looking like stained glass, (?) is just what I called it; stuff looking like stained glass. Should it stay or should it get peeled off and tossed? (So sorry about the photos poor quality. A better camera is in my near future.)


A Thrifty Skirt

One of my biggest luxuries I allow myself during the summer is to wear skirts. Yep, simple, and to some probably weird, but true. Why? Well, because the are easy, fun, comfortable, and COOL! Cool as in let the legs breath kind of cool. Trust me when I say I wear them all. the. time. Even while running. See here. So, every time I hit the thrift stores I'm all over the skirt rack like a rat on a Cheeto. Recently I came across this little lovely made by A. Byer.
I was initially drawn to it because of the color (versatile) and it has spandex in it, making it stretchy. (A plus when I've had one too many cookies) Anyway, when I turned the skirt around and saw the ruffles I knew this was going to be the new thrift store "lucky me" find that I would add to my already cramped closet. Cramped is okay if cramped with thrifty wear, right? Why doesn't the hubs ever agree with me on this?

This outfit is a complete Thrifty Wear ensemble and, I think, warrants a Visa kind of jingle. :)
Blouse - 5.00
Skirt - 4.00
Shoes - 5.00
Necklace - 3.00
Wearing an all brand name outfit under twenty dollars - Priceless

Whoever said Thrifty isn't fashionable was delusional. Just sayin'. ♥