A few of my favorite things

Wow! Has it been that long? Really? *Big sigh* I've resolved to admit, my friends, that I'm only a part time blogger. Well, at least until things slow down a bit. Have any idea of when that might happen? HA! I suppose going to school full time, trying to settle in a new house, and still being a mom, wife, chauffeur, house keeper, etc. (you get the picture) can really suck ones time away. :/ AND so it has. But I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to take a few minutes and blog something to let you all know that I AM still alive and kicken' and to share with you a few of my favorite things. Especially this time of year because this time truly is my favorite time of year. Do you agree, or do you prefer another season?

There's something about Fall that really resonates with my inner being. Ya know? Don't know why. Perhaps it stems from fond childhood memories of trick or treating, or going "over the river and through the woods" to grandma's house for that awesomely yummy turkey dinner with all the trimmings and seeing all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. Ok, who has ever stuck black olives on all 10 fingers and sucked them off one by one into your mouth? There must be a connection between kids and that ritual, right (?) because all five of mine, at one time or another, did it...and still do! Oh, fun times, indeed. :)

Then just right around the corner is Christmas with all its warm and fuzzy memories....to be continued.

But for now, at least for this post, I will share some of my favorite things related to Fall. A portion of my excitement for Fall comes from the anticipation of transforming my home from Summer to Fall. I'm talking, of course, about decorating! ♥♥♥ to decorate for the seasons and holidays and it would seem that I'm not alone. Pinterest is a one stop site that tells, or shows, how much others enjoy the art of holiday domestic transformation. Plus one can get TONS of ideas and hopefully share some too. See what I'm talking about here.

Side note....(really sorry about the poor picture quality. My kiddos lost my camera charger and I had to use my sons camera phone...Grrrr!)

Ok, sooooo, whats all the excitement about?

Now that's what I'm talking about...swoon.
Photo from Google images

Honey Crisp Apples
You haven't lived until you've tried one of these. Oh Em Gee!
Photo from Google images

Porch Scape 
I was really bummed to see in the picture that someone took the top pumpkin to my 
Cinderella pumpkin tower.  Didn't notice it until now.  What the....? :(
                            Creepy Stair Mice                                           
Creepy stair mice is not a Fall favorite, but decorating with them are :) 


Skulls, Skeletons, and Spiders....EEK!

A Fantle and Crows

Trick or Treaters and Carved Pumpkins

Black and White Halloween Mantle 
(walls and antique mantle still under construction)

Oh, and CANDY CORN!!!

What are some of your favorite things this fall?

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