Blogging, a love/hate relationship

I love my blog, I love to read blogs, but I hate that I don't post on mine enough and I don't get to read the others as much as I'd like. There are many times, throughout the course of my day (like everyday), that I think of things that I can't wait to share or say. Would it be rude to call on Father Time and ask if he would add another hour, or two, maybe three, to the day?  Oh, I know, all of you that are always asking when I'm going to update my blog, when am I going to share some money saving, up-cycling, kind of tips? (stayed tuned) To you all I say, school is a huge time sucker and ask if any of you know how to do statistics or who can wrap their brain around economics?  No, really, learning the how to's of statistics and the terminology of an economist often leaves me scratching my head and asking myself, huh? Call me dense and I'll have no problem agreeing with you. Okay, in my own defense, it has been 26+ years since I've attended school. (Did I just say that out loud)? If any of you can help tutor me in either of these subjects I would kiss you (figuratively, of course) and call myself blessed that I actually know people that get this stuff AND therefore freeing up more time to do bloggy kind of stuff. :)

Then there is you Pinterest yet? I know I've thrown this question at you before but, seriously, if you've become a "Pinner" then you'll better understand when I say time sucker, addiction, love, hate, fun, new friendships, awesomeness...etc. So to Pinterest I extend a BIG thank you for existing....sort of.
A big thank you for the creator of this sign. Just wish it had a reference. Please let me know who you are and I will be super happy to give you kudos and a link to your site. :)

If I'd give my blog the same amount of attention that I gave Pinterest then I would have a real successful blog with lots of followers. Okay, maybe lots of followers. :)  *Big sigh* perhaps one day...

Here's a Pin on my "Lets Get Physical" board:
Yep, the truth sometimes hits ya right in the arse. :/
Thank you for your uncanny wit and remarkable ability to state the truth.

p.s. You can join in on the fun here. For some odd reason Pinterest requires you to receive an invite before joining. I'll be more than happy to do that for you. Just say so. :)