If the price is right.....

...you snatch it up! I wasn't too successful on my thrift store adventures today, but while I was there Mr. T was somewhere else and found these two awesome pieces! The hubs was helping a friend move stuff to (or from, I'm not sure) a storage unit. Well, the storage unit next door to the friends unit was wide open and all the contents were FREE to anyone willing and ready to take the stuff away. Yep, I said FREE. Now that's a good price. :) There's nothing like being in the right place at the right time, right?
We're not sure yet what era it's from and, unfortunately, there is no stamp on it to give us a better clue. But it is really BIG and beautiful.

08/12 Update - The Hubby took the armoire to a local antique dealer and was told the piece was probably built sometime in the 1930's and not worth much. She explained that all antique values are down because the Baby Boomers are either moving in with their children or passing away and therefore getting rid of their furniture and other antiquey kind of things. She said the antique industry is flooded with so many things that their values have decreased significantly. :(  Sad, but it makes since. So if you're really into antiques, now would be a great time to consider picking some up. :)

The top drawer has beautiful detail with an inlay detail below it. It looks like there was, at one time, another inlay piece right beneath the third drawer but has been replaced....bummer. :(
Of course the whole thing needs to be beautified all over again, but the question is to keep it in its natural state or paint it and give it a distressed finish? Ideas, please?

Then there is this little gem. I'm not digging the color, but I'm lovin' all the fun ideas this old school desk allows my brain to think up. :)


Got cake?

...or cookies, or Rice Krispie treats, or brownies, or anything in between. I've made these darling cake plates before but this one, by far, is my FAV. Ok, so both pieces I found at the local Goodwill store.... On. The. Same. Day. Emphasis added only because it isn't too often I find a candle stick and plate that matches so perfectly together that to not create an upcycled cake plate would be shameful. (Not really, but you know what I mean) Especially with these fun colors!

So, the pics pretty much sum up the little project. And I mean little because this cutie only took five whopping minutes to do. Yep, honest engine, cross my heart.

1. Get your upcycleables. VERY easy. Any plate, any candlestick that you deem worthy to convert to a cake plate will do

2. Purchase, if you don't already have some in your craft stash, some E-6000. You can find this at any craft or hardware store. I usually take my  Michael's handy 40% off coupon (there is ALWAYS one in my purse. What can I say, emergencies happen) and pick up a tube for about $1.50

3. Make sure your plate and candle stick are clean and debris free. Why do they always have to put the price on houseware stuff with a grease pencil?....UGH! If you find this as annoying as I do, then a little Windex will wipe it clean real easy. Must be the ammonia in it.

4. Apply the E-6000 liberally on the candlestick. Try not to get so much on there that it oozes out the sides when seating it on the plate.

5. Turn the plate backside up and place the candle stick dead center on the plate. Apply some pressure to get a good seal and let rest there for a few hours. Depending on how much adhesive you used will determine how long it dries. Some of my plates have taken longer than others.

6. Ta-Dah! Now you have a beautiful and fancy "new" cake plate you can display with a variety of bakery type masterpieces on top.