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I just about scrapped this end table, which also has a twin and a matching coffee table, but I thought WAIT! What on earth am I saying!? Really? The word scrapped actually came into my thoughts. (fortunately not out my mouth) I'm so ashamed. Okay, so after disciplining my thoughts I decided I'd change the ugly brown to another, more acceptable, color. I'll be posting before and after pics soon. My idea was to switch up the entire theme of my living area from traditional to a more cottage/farmhouse mix-up to hopefully compliment the home we are to be moving in on September first. To see what that is all about click here.

I know, it would be logical to live in this house and go with the style of its era but after looking through a million photos and reading a gazillion articles on mid 19th century design, I became overwhelmed at the thought of seeing tons of floral patterns, shades of gold, and velvet type furniture and tapestries. Seeing and reading about this era's exclusive/fashionably correct design was making me sweat. Humor me for a minute and imagine floral wall paper on almost every wall in every room.....exactly. So the only solution to my liking the inside of the house was to figure out something else and step out of the Victorian era box. I still wanted to keep a little of nostalgia and antique(y) feel but without all the craziness of a Victorian interior design. Enter Pinterest. I. love. this. site. You can see my Pinterest boards here. Please leave comments on pics you see that might work with this house. Thanks!

I'm still not completely resolved on the overall design, so expect some changes. But for now, I am going with a farmhouse/cottage type feel. I would really, really appreciate any and all helpful feed back on this matter. All (nice) comments are appreciated. :)

End Tables

These bar stools were road side trash, literally. My hubby rescued them from someones curb. With a little wood glue, they were good as new...almost. Again, that icky honey brown color must go. My first thought for the kitchen was to do all antique white with splashes of pale yellow and maybe pale blue like this. But the previous owners just put in all new honey oak (UGH!) cabinets and there is A LOT of them and to completely switch them up, or even just reface them, would cost large sums of money and time, which I'm not able to part with at this point in the game. Trying to imagine pale yellow and blue against honey oak cabinets just wasn't mixing well in my cabeza. Sooooo, I'm thinking a lovely shade of green, (see here and here) and distress it up a bit. I am sorta really liking this shade. I'll probably take off a few of the cabinet doors (Gotta get rid of some of that oak one way or another) leaving open cabinets with the inside painted, or stenciled the same color. :/ What do you think?
Bar Stools

Isn't it cute? I thought so, especially when lying all by itself in a deserted alley way. It has a lot of work to be done on it, and I have absolutely no idea what do do with it, but for a piece of furniture that cost nothing I couldn't say no to bringing it home and adding it to my long list of to do's. Any ideas?
Dumpster Table


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