The Beautifully, Ugly Door. Help!

I know the title is sort of an oxymoron, but let me explain. This door is beautifully hung in the front of a house that was built in 1847. I'm thinking the door isn't as old as the house, but pretty old nevertheless because of the design. I get so sad every time I look at it because it truly has awesome character, but what is with the colors? The colors scream HELP! I'm a beautiful door trapped behind ugly colors. Don't worry little door, rescue is on the way.  Please, please, please help me help this door transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Any ideas for color(s)? Also consider the sides of the door and upper part of the frame. They're all in need of rescue. Thanks! Oh, and the stuff looking like stained glass, (?) is just what I called it; stuff looking like stained glass. Should it stay or should it get peeled off and tossed? (So sorry about the photos poor quality. A better camera is in my near future.)



  1. Hi, Christine! I wanted to thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting today. :) I think your door has beautiful bones. It's hard to say without seeing the rest of your house, but Centsational Girl just painted her door gray, and it was lovely!

  2. Hey Christine! :) Thanks for commenting on my little cabinet feet, I just LOVE them so! I also love that they were cheap and very easy! lol
    Your door will be so lovely when you get all those Miami Vice colors off of it! lol I can't really tell much about the rest of your house, so I'm not sure what color to chime in with for the door. Does it have any other architectural things like gingerbread trim, shutters etc? If so, what color are they? You could always paint it out in a neutral until you decide what color you really know, just to get rid of the 80's pink and blue! (or is that teal?) Oh well...a nice chocolate brown, tan, cream, black or even white would work until you discovered the color you would really love to have. Maybe you could post a pic of the whole front of the house then it would be easier to tell what color to paint it. :)
    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Ladies for your input. Sorry I don't have more photos to show of the house, but we haven't moved in yet (today is moving day one, actually...YAY!) so I'm limited on what photos I can take. But no worries, they will be coming. :)

    I'm thinking I'll have to stay with more neutral colors on the door because the Historical Society has to approve any changes made to the house. I'm thinking they must not be too picky if they allowed the door to be painted those colors in the first place. YIKES!
    My only concern was the extreme detail all over, around, and on the sides of the door. I have a feeling I'll be staring a lot at that door just so I can really get a feel and visual of what might look nice. :)

  4. thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my old crate turned coffee table - i really appreciate it!

    your door has so much character! i will be really interested to see what color you decide on! lowes has some valspar paints that are in a "national trust for historic preservation" section...maybe they are some the historical society would approve!

  5. Thanks, Angie for the tip on the Valspar paint. I didn't know that and will definitely be checking it out. :)

  6. Hi Chirs,

    I think it's a lovely door, and as for the colors...well it kind of has a vintage Christmas card feel going on. Hehe. Just kidding. When I was looking at what color, or colors to paint my door I looked at my surrounding neighbors, and the houses that were similar in style. You probably are already doing that, but just a suggestion. As for the little side windows, without really getting a good look at them, I would definitely take the stain glass stuff out, and then see what it looks like after.